Thursday, July 23, 2009

Why Your Fat Loss Diet is not making you lose Weight?

Shocking Facts about Fat Loss Diet Programs!
Are you one of those who have been strictly following a
Fat Loss Diet Program, for a fairly long time but are dismayed that you have not got any significant results, so far? If so, you are in good company. There will be several people empathizing with you, because they also have the same problem! So, what has gone wrong?

Let us go from the basics. You have excess calories stored somewhere in your body. So, the simplest way to lose weight is to burn the excess calories. Just like, removing and throwing out unwanted junk from an overstuffed box will make it slim and easy to carry, so will burning the excess calories will make your body slim and presentable! Sounds great and plausible. Doesn't it?
Problem with a Typical Fat Loss Diet Program
But there is a problem here. People who are determined to lose weight begin with cutting down on what they eat. They get immense satisfaction, when they are successful with their first fat loss diet experiment. They give up a particular high calorie diet, their favorite dishes or sometimes, they skip their breakfast or lunch. It looks great when you have successfully resisted your temptation to go for a bite on your favorite dish. And if you have skipped a lunch or breakfast and you have still been able to carry on with your normal activities, you have a real sense of achievement
Fat Loss Diet Program may have the Opposite Effect!
Unfortunately, the dictum 'Well begun is half done' doesn't apply to the
best fat loss diet program. Or, in another sense, it does, literally, when the emphasis is on 'half done.' Yes, it is always half done, never accomplished!


There are a couple of reasons. Typical Diet programs do not reduce the calories beyond a point. This is because dieters often begin their diet programs with a vengeance, with a resolve to achieve the seemingly impossible. So they get tough with themselves, eat very little or skip a lunch or breakfast, in their eagerness to drive out the excess fat quickly. This often has the opposite effect of their more than making up for their "sacrifice," often unconsciously. After all, I didn't have anything for the breakfast. So, I deserve an extra helping of the tasty meat during my lunch. The result is that the body quickly gains whatever fat it lost in the morning!
The body learns to stop Losing Weight!

The body also learns a trick or two to ensure that it does not lose fat beyond certain point. That is why many people on diet programs often find that they have reached a dead end in their journey towards weight loss. So, it appears that turning back and walking towards your starting point looks a better option than standing in the dean end endlessly with no progress.
For a Fat Loss Diet Program to work....
To conclude, a good fat loss diet program should focus on too things:

1) The psychological aspects - understanding how the unconscious mind sabotages the process of losing fat.
2) The physiological aspects - how bodily adaptations can stall the
weight loss program.